Legal advice for cyclists. Professional support for people cycling.

You’re More Than A Cyclist. Taking Legal Action Protects Your Family and Loved Ones, Too.


Legal Consultation Beyond Borders

While based in Michigan, we’ve served clients across the country. We have experience working with cases in Michigan, Washington, Hawaii, California, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Texas, Colorado, Oregon, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Carolina, Arizona, and more. We have partners across the US that have the experience to bring you a fair result in even the most complex of cases.

PErsonal, Professional

How does offer legal advice that is different from the rest? Because we’re cyclists ourselves. We advocate from the same perspective as our clients; we understand what it’s like to have drivers fly past inches from us on every ride, endangering riders and all road users in the process. We’ve been in your shoes, and that’s what motivates us to help more than anyone else.

Our Promise

You deserve expert, professional, and passionate legal counsel. We can help in a number of legal cycling cases ranging from a bicycle crash, car and bicycle collision, traffic violation, even wrongful death suits in a number of states. These can be difficult and confusing situations; trust to offer you the aggressive, knowledgeable representation you need to go up against the system.

Winning With a Purpose

We strive to maintain a friendly, personal connection with every client. You’ll never feel like work; we pride ourselves in creating lasting relationships with each and every client. Your case is complex, intricate, and demands all of our attention. We promise to work for you, work with you, and work towards a satisfying result that also sets a precedent that supports the whole of the bicycle community.

A Resource, A Friend

If we can’t personally represent you, we’ll offer free consultation and a recommendation for a local counselor who we trust to help. If they aren’t ready to represent your interests as a person and a cyclist to the same level we are, they won’t get our approval. We’re committed to helping our fellow athletes find the best possible legal advice, even if we can’t be the ones to furnish it.

Free Consultation

Your call is free. If you have questions about a traffic citation, a cycling accident, or anything in the world of bike law, offers a free consultation. Let us help you make a decision on exploring further action so you can make an informed decision. The next step can be tricky, but the first step is simply to let us help answer the time-sensitive questions you may be debating. If you’re unsure, do yourself and other cyclists a favor; call today.